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It all starts with an idea...

I'm sure you already have an idea of what VR training can do for you. Getting your teams trained in a more engaging and streamlined way will directly impact company's bottom line.

The best way to move forward is to get people in the headset to try it.

Validate your idea

To most companies, VR training is still a bit exotic, best to get something that you can show fairly quickly and see how stakeholders react.

Ideally without spending the whole year's R&D budget.

Getting stakeholder buy-in

Not only we'll get the technical bits behind the POC, we'll also help with practicalities behind demos. Most of the time it can be as simple as shipping already pre-configured hardware to your office or helping to set up yours.

We can build and make sure your Proof Of Concept gets to the right people.

Bespoke and immersive

It's your training, based on your processes and goals. We'll put every effort to make sure the final solution is engaging, immersive and tailored to your needs.

Tailored experience with all bells and whistles.

End to end VR Training Solution

There are quite a few pieces in a successful VR Training project. You'll likely want participants to engage with simulation in both learning and evaluation mode. Your trainers would like to know how the trainees are doing and which areas need improvement.

We've worked hard on refining those parts and will give you the tools needed to make most of the simulation.

Make sense of the data

VR opens huge opportunities to understand various elements of participant interactions. Which parts give them the most trouble? Which parts come naturally? Are the training materials understood?

We'll capture and make sense of all that data based on your specific needs.

It's all connected

You're already using various 3rd party products that are embedded in company processes. Could be an existing Learning Management System (LMS) or another piece of software that's deeply rooted in the team's processes.

We can integrate VR Training with those systems, meaning your existing workflow is enhanced rather than disturbed.

Getting it out there at scale

There are quite a few decisions to be made about distributing your VR training content to various teams. It could be shipping actual devices to offices, getting content securely to user's private headsets. Or anything else that will work in your circumstances.

We can advise what are pros and cons of various methods from a technical point of view as well as what worked or didn't for our other clients.

Ongoing Support

Virtual Reality is still very fresh technology and changes rapidly. We'll be happy to help. From general support with your VR training to a broader understanding of best practices and developments in the area.

Rest assured we'll be here for you to help and advise.

"Chris and his team have done amazing work on our VR training solutions. (...)

Matthew Bassuk - Director of Learning Technologies
College of Biomedical Equipment Technology

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Client's Feedback

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  • Steve Olesansky - Chief Technology Officer - Rendezverse

    I have interviewed about 20 developers before I hired Chris. He immediately understood the difference between a project that is laid out properly vs a project that is experimental and requires rapid prototyping of concepts. He took high-level ideas and broke them down into individual features, presented with estimated effort and delivery timelines. While other developers have been wasting time in pointless discussions about scope, Chris was already preparing the first build for testing. We went from ZERO to a presentation of the prototype app within 2 weeks.

    Steve Olesansky / Chief Technology Officer - Rendezverse

    Chris and his team have done amazing work on our VR training solutions. Throughout our development engagements, Chris has been extremely responsive, professional, and insightful. We highly recommend Reliable Solutions, and plan to continue working with his team on future VR training projects.

    Matthew Bassuk / Director of Learning Technologies - College of Biomedical Equipment Technology

    Matthew Bassuk - Director of Learning Technologies - College of Biomedical Equipment Technology
  • Well written natural extension to generic VR frameworks A well written and natural extension towards a richer interaction toolbox than what is found by default in common interaction frameworks like VRTK etc. Plugs into Tilia/VRTK or others agnostically. Code is solid.

    Björn Syse / Industrial Designer / VR Developer / CG Artist

    Björn Syse

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